Fox Corporation donates $1 million to United Jewish Appeal for urgent aid in Israel

The Israel Emergency Fund will provide assistance to those impacted by the Hamas attacks.

Fox Corporation has donated $1 million to United Jewish Appeal, as the UJA works to provide urgent, emergency assistance to those impacted by the devastating attacks on Israel.

"Israel is at war," the UJA said. "In the wake of these heinous terrorist attacks, we’re mobilizing urgently needed relief for the people of Israel."

"The needs are without precedent and mounting every day," they noted. Through their Israel Emergency Fund, the UJA will support a number of efforts to provide assistance on the ground.

Everyone is encouraged to join Fox Corporation in support of the UJA by donating to the Israel Emergency Fund at

Many of the efforts by UJA include serving victims of the recent attacks:

  • Victims in the line of fire will have their emergency needs provided for.
  • Families and individuals who have been killed, wounded or kidnapped will receive cash assistance through the Jewish Agency’s Victims of Terror Fund.
  • Thousands who have been living in bomb shelters and witnessing the war firsthand will receive trauma relief and counseling.
  • Holocaust survivors will be given enhanced services and support, including food, medicine and home care.

Additionally, donations to the Israel Emergency Fund will help ensure civilian and military personnel are mobilized to assist victims:

  • Equipment will be given to public hospitals in southern Israel, allowing them to provide critical medical treatment for wounded civilians and soldiers.
  • Civilian volunteers will be mobilized to better coordinate and deploy resources based on needs in the field.
  • Aid will be given to military personnel and their families so they may receive care for those injured and financial assistance to cover the costs of burial and shiva, which is a week of mourning after a funeral in the Jewish tradition.
  • Charter flights to transport Israeli special forces abroad back to Israel so that they may rejoin their reserve units.

On top of bringing aid into Israel, the UJA said they will put donations made to the Israel Emergency Fund toward moving residents to safety:

  • Large numbers of people from the southern and northern borders of Israel, along with Ethiopian and Ukrainian refugees, will be relocated.

To support these efforts, donations can be made through the UJA website or by scanning the QR code below.

The UJA is the largest local Jewish philanthropy in the world with a mission to bring the Jewish community together to fund hundreds of nonprofits in New York, Israel and globally. According to the UJA, charitable donations support people in need, respond to crises and shape the Jewish future.

As of Tuesday, the UJA said they have authorized an initial $10 million from the UJA endowment to address immediate relief efforts, in addition to more than $20 million raised from leaders in their community.

"This number grows by the minute, and we are grateful for the outpouring of support," they said.