Dying dog gets one last snow day thanks to local ice center

Maggie's owners took to Facebook with a very special request – snow.

What would you do if your best friend only had days to live? It is undoubtedly difficult to watch as your young pup ages into an old dog. Even worse, it's the hardest when your pup gets diagnosed with cancer and told she only has a short time left.

A Salt Lake City dog owner was told just that, so he knew that he had to make the best of Maggie's last day. 

Elijah Saltzgaber took to Facebook with a very special request – snow. 

While Mother Nature didn't have it in the forecast to provide snow in that short time, he asked if anyone had a shaved ice machine.

"Our sweet dog is passing of cancer, and Monday, we want to build her one last snowbank to roll in," Saltzgaber said. "I am hoping for about 10-20 gallons of ice, I think, but am thankful for anything we can get." 

The Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation department saw the request and stepped in to help. 

Early Monday, the Salt Lake County Ice Center shaved some ice, and Saltzgaber and Maggie’s other owner, Marianna Wilson, picked it up. They took the ice back home and made a giant snow pile on the lawn. 

Maggie was able to play and enjoy her last hours in the snow pile. 

Wilson said that Maggie passed later that day but was so thankful for the overwhelming response to their request for snow.

"We are incredibly grateful that our sweet girl spent her final moments surrounded by immense love and comfort. We are absolutely heartbroken, but have found comfort in knowing we gave her the best life and the most gracious passing," she shared.