Don't leave any of these items in your car this winter

As we 

As we prepare for the winter season, there are plenty of items you should have stored in your vehicle just in case you get stuck on the side of the road. 

But there are several items you should never forget to take inside with you on those cold winter days and nights.

Traveling this winter? Here's what to keep in your car in case you get stuck

AARP has a list of items that can be damaged or destroyed when temperatures begin to drop below freezing:


Many medications can lose their effectiveness if they're left in freezing conditions, including insulin.


Many batteries have trouble providing the power needed to use electronic devices and will shut down or not work.

Canned foods and liquids:

Liquids expand as they freeze, which could spell trouble with cans of soda or water bottles. Some containers could explode. And be careful with canned food as the same reaction could occur.

Musical instruments:

Wooden instruments can crack and break if it's too cold.


If you leave eggs in your car when temperatures fall below freezing, they could crack and make a mess.