Watch: Tornadoes spotted spinning through Illinois

FOX Weather Storm Tracker Brandon Copic caught videos of tornadoes that swept across a field as powerful storms tore across the Midwest.

GREENFIELD, Ill. – The Midwest was hit with yet another round of severe weather Thursday – the culmination of a week of dangerous weather that has moved across the region.

FOX Weather Storm Tracker Brandon Copic was following a supercell thunderstorm near Greenfield, Illinois, when he caught video of what appeared to be a tornado touching down in a farm field.

"That looks like some rotation," FOX Weather Meteorologist Jane Minar said as she watched Copic’s video while covering the storms.

"That definitely looks like something that’s pulling together," FOX Weather Meteorologist Kiyana Lewis added.

Minutes later, there was no doubt that a tornado had developed. Copic’s camera showed what appeared to be twin tornadoes spinning across the horizon.

"We’ve got a large, multi-vortex tornado on the ground, as you guys can see," Copic said while being interviewed by FOX Weather Meteorologist Steve Bender.

Severe weather has ripped across the Midwest several times this week. Most recently, significant damage was reported Wednesday in Ohio from at least 3 tornadoes that tore across the Buckeye State.