Record winds topple truck, knock down church spire and scrap Heathrow landings in England

At least 3 people have been killed by storm in the United Kingdom and 5 more were killed across Europe.

LONDON – A powerful storm called Eunice ravaged the United Kingdom on Friday with record-setting winds that have killed at least three people.

Watch how strong winds blew over a tractor trailer southeast England. The footage was caught on dash cam by a lucky driver who narrowly missed being crushed.

"I have been over here forecasting the weather for about 20 years and I can only remember one event here that was similar to this one and that was back in 2007," Chris Bell, Director of Weather Quest in England told FOX Weather. "We have a little bus station near my own home and our bus station ended up on its top."

The powerful winds ripped a hole in the fabric roof of the O2 Arena in London.

Video showed the spire of St. Thomas’ Church in Somerset, about 140 miles west of London, wobbling in the incredible winds before falling off the 19th Century church’s steeple.

Winds led to the cancellation of several flights at London Heathrow Airport, according to reports. Video showed planes being shoved around by the crosswinds as they attempted to land at the airport earlier Friday.

At least three people have been killed in the storm in the United Kingdom, according to multiple reports. Two people’s deaths were reportedly the result of fallen trees. A third person’s death was reportedly attributed to flying debris. Five more deaths were reported across Europe.

A gust of 122 mph was recorded at The Needles on the Isle of Wright on Friday morning, officials said. If verified, it would be the highest wind gust ever recorded in England.

Damage from the storm was also reported in The Netherlands and Belgium.

More airport delays are expected Monday across England as Storm Franklin, the third named winter storm in a week, batters the island nation.