Watch: Ambulance struck by out-of-control truck on icy road in central Oregon

Video from a Black Butte Ranch Police Department officer's body-worn camera shows a commercial truck colliding with a police vehicle, then hitting an ambulance before coming to a stop in Sisters on Tuesday.

SISTERS, Ore. – The treacherous icy roads in central Oregon led to a chaotic scene as a driver careened into a police cruiser and ambulance in a terrifying crash captured on camera.

A Black Butte Ranch Police Department officer's body-worn camera shows Tuesday's wreck unfolding in Sisters as police responded to the scene. It happened about 8:30 a.m. on Highway 20 near Suttle Lake's entrance after an initial vehicle had slid off the road due to icy conditions.

After the wreck, paramedics arrived to check on the patient's condition. A Deschutes County Sheriff's Office deputy helped by directing traffic near the crash site. Soon after, an Oregon State Police trooper arrived to gather information about the accident.

Another officer was up the street trying to slow traffic down," Deputy Chief Jason Ellison told FOX Weather. "This driver actually passed that cop car. He actually knew there was an accident ahead on his GPS and because he didn’t see any other vehicles or a car on its side or any wreck he continued at the same rate of speed. When he came around the corner over the hill he realized there were two other police officers  and our medic unit sitting there on the corner of the road."


After colliding with the trooper's vehicle, the truck screeched forward, striking the front of a Black Butte Ranch Fire Department ambulance before finally stopping behind it, police said.

Officers added that three paramedics and a patient from the first crash were in the back of the ambulance. No one was injured, and the driver of the Isuzu was cited for careless driving.

"Just a reminder to slow down well below the speed limit when you see emergency lights," the Black Butte Ranch Police Department said in a Facebook post. "Our lives are in your hands."