Here's how to donate to those affected by Hurricanes Ian and Fiona

The American Red Cross and FOX have partnered to collect donations for disaster relief efforts in Florida and Puerto Rico.

FOX and the American Red Cross have partnered to collect donations for those impacted by Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona. 

Hurricane Ian made its first U.S. landfall in Florida as a Category 4 storm on Sept. 28, tying for the 4th-strongest storm to hit the Sunshine State. Powerful winds and record-breaking storm surge plunged more than 2 million residents into darkness and decimated homes and communities across Florida. 

This comes after Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sept. 19, triggering floods and mudslides that wiped out homes, bridges and other types of infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency in Puerto Rico during the aftermath.

To help those impacted by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and Hurricane Ian in Florida, the American Red Cross and FOX have partnered to launch a fundraising site where people can donate to disaster relief efforts.

Donations can be made here.

In Florida, more than 1,500 members of the Red Cross from all 50 states and the District of Columbia are supporting relief efforts. They have provided nearly 355,000 meals and snacks and handed out more than 62,000 comfort kits and other relief items. As of Tuesday, more than 2,000 people have sought refuge in nearly 20 Red Cross and partner shelters across Florida. 

Leading up to Hurricane Ian, the Red Cross moved truckloads of additional cots, blankets and comfort kits, along with tens of thousands of relief supplies into the region to be prepared to help as many as 60,000 people. 

The Red Cross also sent several hundred blood products to Florida ahead of the storm to ensure patients continue to have access to a readily available blood supply.

In Puerto Rico, the organization has already begun working with the local government to provide support where needed. The agency has more than 200 trained volunteers who are assessing damages and who have provided more than 700 households with emergency supplies.

Virtual health and mental health services from the Red Cross are also ready. Additional resources through recovery casework may be provided once damage assessments are made. Relief efforts are ongoing, despite many Red Cross workers not having access to power or water.

To support the Red Cross’s disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Florida, donations can be made here. You can also use the QR code below to access the donation site.