'All I can do is pray': Girl struck by lightning during Florida vacation remains in coma months later

Mila Yang was airlifted to AdventHealth in Orlando, where she remains in a coma. Her mom, Nalee, said doctors aren't really sure what Mila's future could look like.

ORLANDO, Fla. - It was supposed to be a dream trip for the Yang family. They were visiting from Minnesota for Mila's 12th birthday. Walt Disney World and the beach were on the agenda, but getting hit by lightning was not.

On Aug. 14th, the family decided to take a trip to the beach. It was storming earlier in the day, but by the time they got to the beach it had stopped. Mila and her mom, Nalee Yang, were near the water. Mila decided to go in, and her mom stayed on the sand. Moments later, both of them got hit by lightning. Nalee was able to regain consciousness but was still very disoriented. Seh said all she remembers was seeing Mila floating in the water.

"We tried to pull my daughter out of the water," Nalee Yang said. "She just laid there, dead. I saw her, saw bubbles coming out of her nose and her mouth."

Mila's brother performed CPR on her. Emergency help arrived, and Mila was airlifted to AdventHealth in Orlando, where she remains in a coma.

Nalee Yang said doctors aren't really sure what Mila's future could look like.

"The doctor told me there's a 50/50 chance," Mila's mother said. "Either she will be OK, but she's paralyzed like that. She also has the chance that she could die, or she doesn't know me at all."


In the meantime, Nalee Yang said she isn't giving up. She's been by her daughter's side every single day, even sleeping in the hospital room with her. She walks across the street to the Ronald McDonald House, where she showers and sometimes cooks a meal. Then, she turns around and goes back to the hospital.

"In the hospital, I read the Bible to her," Nalee Yang said. "I sing for her, read the Bible, and I sing for her day and night, day and night."

Nalee Yang is a single mom, with no family in Florida. Her son, who was also on the trip, is back home in Minnesota with his father. The mother said she's touched by the community's support for her daughter.

"It's a really tough time right now for me because I'm down here by myself, spending every night and day with her in the hospital, by myself," she said.


She knows there's a long road to recovery ahead. In the near term, she is looking for permanent housing in Orlando where she can continue to care for her daughter through treatments. She is also wanting to bring her son down to Florida to be with her. She said the support of strangers and a GoFundMe page has been helpful.

"I can not complain to anybody, nobody else did it," Nalee Yang said. "Nature caused it. All I can do is pray for God to help."