Deadly flooding and landslides kill over 100 in Brazil

Eight inches of rain fell on Petrópolis in just four hours.

Landslides after heavy rain have killed 117 people in Petrópolis, Brazil, on Tuesday, according to a local newspaper. Amazing video shows the hillside collapsing and mudslides carrying away homes and earth. Cars and trees were swept down the street which looked more like a raging river.

Rescue crews are still digging through what is left of homes and villages. Governor Claudio Castro said in a press conference that 21 people were rescued alive from the rubble, but officials expect the number of fatalities to rise during recovery. Over 100 residents are still missing.


Almost eight inches of rain fell in a four-hour span late Monday. In 24 hours, the region saw record rainfall of almost 11 inches.  The rain and overflowing rivers touched off more than 52 landslides reported Minister Rogerio Marinho and Brazil’s National Civil Defense.

The ground floor of Estacio Petrópolis looked more like a lake.

At least 77 people are homeless in Petrópolis which is in the mountains just north of Rio de Janeiro.

The region suffered deadly flooding and landslides in January 2011 which killed 900.

Petrópolis, once a favorite summer retreat for the emperor of Brazil, is now a popular weekend and summer getaway for residence fleeing the Rio heat according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.