Temporary bridge opens, bringing resources and help to once-isolated Pine Island

Reconnecting the island to mainland Florida is increasing residents’ access to food, water and other supplies.

PINE ISLAND, Fla. – A temporary bridge has reconnected Pine Island to the mainland, helping bring food, water and other supplies to residents impacted by Ian.

When Ian swept through the region as a Category 4 hurricane in late September, it destroyed the original bridge and cut off the island’s residents.

A temporary bridge was completed on Wednesday, just three days after construction began.

On Friday, FOX Weather multimedia journalist Brandy Campbell visited the bridge and showed the steady flow of traffic going into and out of Pine Island.

According to Campbell, the bridge has helped propel recovery efforts for the island’s residents, such as goods delivered by the Florida Highway Patrol.

This additional aid has helped the people of Pine Island, who are still experiencing challenges as they work to rebuild their community.

Over 7,000 customers were without power as of Friday evening, as power poles can be seen strewn about on the ground.

Only half of the island as access to water, whereas the other half can only access water for four hours a day. They are also under a boil water advisory.

While the infrastructure of Pine Island remains to be fully repaired, the temporary bridge is helping hasten the process of recovery as donations of food, water and other necessities are able to pour in.