Avalanche in Colorado mountains kills snowshoers and dog

Two people and their dog were killed in an avalanche in central Colorado over the weekend.  

Family and friends contacted authorities after being overdue from their Saturday trip. 

A search and rescue team found the three bodies buried near North Star Mountain, about 90 miles west of Denver.

The two people were snowshoeing with their dog in the mountains when a 400 foot-wide avalanche buried them, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center said. 

Officials found the three after finding a recent avalanche and a faint track of snowshoes. An avalanche rescue dog located both snowshoers and their dog deep within the avalanche debris. 

The victims were identified as Hannah Nash, 25, and Drake Oversen, 35, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, FOX31 reports. 

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Avalanches killed eight people in the U.S. during the last month.