Watch Long Island fisherman reel in a shark on Labor Day

The Long Island man originally set out to catch striped bass and bluefish.

A Long Island fisherman accidentally caught a shark on Labor Day.

The man originally set out to catch striped bass and bluefish at Jones Beach, which lies about 40 miles east of New York City on the south shore of Long Island.

In the video, the fisherman can be seen pulling back on his fishing rod. His line disappears into the green Atlantic waters that – aside from the bending fishing rod – gives no indication that anything lurked beneath the surface.

Then, a fin begins to peek out of the water, and a tail whips and splashes around as the waves foam on the sandy shore.

The fisherman reels the small shark onto the sand and later releases it back into the ocean.

Jones Beach has been the location of other marine sightings.

Last week, a whale was seen breaching the waters as it scooped up a school of silvery fish into its mouth.

Drone footage shows the marine mammal emerging from the waters to catch its feast.