Watch: Curious brown bear sniffs out car in Minnesota

The driver, Alexander Aman of Everlasting Ranch, can be heard asking the bear "How’s it going?" and "What can I do for you?".

REDBY, Minn. - As warmer weather approaches, more and more wildfire are becoming active across Minnesota.

Earlier this week, a bear in Redby, Minnesota, was spotted approaching a driver’s vehicle, while the driver – Alexander Aman of Everlasting Ranch – asks "How’s it going?" and "What can I do for you?".


No one was hurt during the incident, and the bear was able to proceed on its way during the 45-second encounter.

Last week, a mama bear and her three cubs roamed around Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove. 

Authorities warn people to never feed wildlife that can be dangerous on top of inquisitive.