'Very rare' whale found dead near Florida coast; officials investigating

Unconfirmed reports stated that the animal was a dolphin bleeding. However, the response team deployed found a different kind of marine mammal.

TAVERNIER, Fla. – On Sunday, a deepwater species of beaked whale was discovered on a sandbar in the Florida Keys.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Coalition called the conservation organization Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder about the animal, which unconfirmed reports stated to be a dolphin bleeding on Tavernier Island.

DPMMR officials investigated the matter soon after the call and found something other than a dolphin.

"Upon hands-on assessment, the animal was determined to be a very rare, deep water species of beaked whale (Mesoplodont), seldom seen outside of deep water (300+M)," DPMMR said in a Facebook post.

They noted that the marine mammal was dead.

According to DPMMR, a necropsy is being performed on the whale by the organization, along with the FWC and the conservation team from Gumbo Limbo Coastal Stewards.


The agencies will take measurements and samples of the animal. They will also try to determine the cause of death.

Beaked whales are characterized as having an extended snout, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. While many marine mammals are seen when they surface to breathe, beaked whales are rarely seen, as the shape of their head and blowhole causes their blow to be directed forward, keeping them from surfacing above water very much.