Watch: Air rescue of a man trying to save a dog from the LA River

FOX Weather compiled the 15 most compelling minutes of the rescue attempts.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. – The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) rescued two people and a dog from the Los Angeles River on Monday afternoon. Floodwaters flowed swiftly after heavy rain across the basin collected in the drainage canal.

Initially the LAFD lowered a firefighter over the edge of the canal with a life ring. The dog owner took the ring but let it go to hang onto her dog. The woman was finally rescued by another firefighter lowered by helicopter. The dog broke free and was washed down river.


FOX 11 LA found the dog and caught a man jumping into the river to save the canine. The two struggled in the strong current for almost 15 minutes. Someone threw a line to the man from the bank. The man and dog looked secure for several minutes. But, the dog struggled free.

LAFD again lowered a firefighter from a helicopter to pull the good Samaritan from the water. Air crews continued to track the dog. And, the LAFD warned others to abandon further rescue attempts.

FOX 11 reported that after two hours, crews managed to pull the dog to safety.