New moon triggers King Tides along Southeast coast

October’s new moon is helping to enhance high tides along much of the Southeast.

The combination of the new moon and a tropical disturbance off the coast of the Carolinas could lead to higher than normal tides through the weekend for coastal locations in the Southeast.

Municipalities from South Florida to North Carolina are warning about the increased tides.

King Tides are common during the fall and spring months due to the alignment of the moon, Earth and sun.

The combination of the sun and the moon’s gravitational pulls help create the higher than normal tides.

The high tides usually lead to what is known as sunny-day flooding, which can cause some short-term inconveniences.

The King Tides are usually around a foot or two higher than an average high tide and last only for a few hours.

The City of Miami says they are expecting the return of King Tides and possible flooding during time periods of:

  • October 20-21
  • November 3-9
  • December 2-7