FOX Weather gets first-hand look at New Orleans during Hurricane Ida

FOX Weather Multimedia Journalist Robert Ray showed just how powerful Hurricane Ida was by getting blown down the sidewalk twice.

NEW ORLEANS - FOX Weather got a first-hand look at how Hurricane Ida impacted New Orleans over the weekend.

FOX Weather Multimedia Journalist Robert Ray is in New Orleans and sent back video showing what the area was like before and after Ida made landfall.

Hurricane Ida officially made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane near Port Fourchon, Louisiana on Sunday. The National Hurricane Center says landfall occurred around 11:55am CT with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. 

It was an eerie feeling in New Orleans Saturday evening as the French Quarter was pretty much empty as people prepared for the impacts of Ida. 

"You can see all around, the streets are pretty much dead right now. There are some people who have decided to stay and walk around, locals and a few tourists," said Ray. 

Early Sunday afternoon, New Orleans began to feel the remnants of Hurricane Ida with rain and some sustained winds. 

However, later in the day, the winds picked up drastically, blowing debris and tree limbs around, moving dumpsters and blowing the roof off a building in the French Quarter. 

Also, while reporting for FOX News, Ray showed just how powerful Hurricane Ida was by getting blown down the sidewalk twice.

"We had to retreat here into this parking garage, it’s just not safe out there at all," Ray said. "I’m going to step back slowly because I have an anemometer that I’ve been checking the wind speeds with. We have had gust up to almost 90 miles per hour, sustained over 60." 

Ray tried to continue on but was blown sideways down the sidewalk from Ida's wind after stepping out of the parking garage. He was blown a second time as well but managed to grab ahold of the entrance and pull himself out of the wind. 

"This is no joke, folks. Everything outside in New Orleans right now and many spots is unraveling and falling apart," said Ray. 

Now Ida, which is a tropical storm, is moving across the southern U.S. on Monday with heavy rain and gusty winds.