Florida driver rescued from flooded car

A driver needed rescue after his car fell into a flooded hole.

CLEARWATER, Fla. - A Florida man was rescued Friday after driving into a flooded hole at a Clearwater apartment complex.

Clearwater police said a construction crew at the complex accidentally ruptured a water line, which triggered the leak and the hole to form.

The driver, who apparently didn’t realize the depth of the water, drove right into the massive hole.

Fire responders said they successfully removed the man from the swamped car and transported him to an area hospital as a precaution.

The National Weather Service always advises people never to attempt to drive on a flooded roadway, even though the weather might be sunny.

The agency launched the "Turn Around Don’t Drown" campaign back in 2003, in an effort to cut down on vehicle-related deaths in floodwaters.