'My baby, my baby!' Dog found alive 6 days after Seattle home collapsed in slide

The slide resulted from heavy rain that hit the Seattle area last week

SEATTLE – A Seattle couple who survived when their home slid off its foundation, trapping them inside, believed their two dogs did not survive the terrifying incident.

According to Seattle fire, a home in the 2400 block of Perkins Lane West in the Magnolia neighborhood collapsed following a hill slide on Jan. 7.

"My dog was two feet away from me, and she was crushed to death," homeowner James Fritts recounted of one of their dogs.

The Fritts' second dog was unaccounted for, and believed to have died. When addressing the media, Didi Fritts said that the couple "lost both their dogs."


On Jan. 13, fire crews were still on scene and pulled a dog out of the collapsed home.

In a video from the Seattle Fire Department, Didi is heard crying "my baby! my baby! Oh my God, Sammy!"

Sammy the chocolate lab was scared, but otherwise okay. Firefighters say the dog is in stable condition. 

When the slide first happened, James was trapped in the basement of the home, stuck under some debris. Didi was able to escape.

Crews had to work uphill to rescue the man, as well as put out a fire inside the home. The fire started as a result of the slide, according to SFD.

The slide resulted from heavy rain that hit the Seattle area last week.