Amazon delivery driver lives ‘Turn Around Don’t Drown’

Up to 10 inches of rain has fallen in parts of Tennessee this week

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – An Amazon delivery driver was spotted Monday near Franklin, Tennessee, doing what all drivers should do when they encounter a flooded road – turning around.

In a video tweeted by the Williamson County Rescue Squad, the driver was praised for living the adage, "Turn Around Don’t Drown." That’s a phrase used by the National Weather Service to remind drivers of the dangers of water-covered roads.

"We would like to give a shout-out to the Amazon Delivery driver who made the right decision to turn around when he encountered a flooded roadway in Williamson County!" the tweet read. "Woohoo!"

According to the National Weather Service, it takes just 6 inches of rushing floodwater to sweep an adult off their feet, 1 foot to carry away most cars and 2 feet to lift an SUV or truck off the road.

Nearly 10 inches of rain is estimated to have fallen near Franklin since Sunday.