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Winter Across America

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This week FOX Weather is highlighting Winter Across America to celebrate what winter looks like across all regions of the country and show you how Americans are impacted by the season.


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Coverage for this event has ended.

VIDEO: NYC fountain freezes over

A fountain in New York City was no match for the brutally cold temperatures.

Posted by Andrew Wulfeck

Wind chills below zero up in Vermont, Maine Friday evening

Frigid wind chill temperatures in parts of northern New England. Burlington, Vermont reads a wind chill of 13 degrees below zero while Caribou, Maine shows a wind chill of 7 degrees below zero. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

How animals survive the frozen edge of the world

Baby, it’s cold outside. But these animals don’t mind.

They’ve developed special traits and behaviors to help them stay warm in their wintry habitats, no matter how much ice, snow and freezing wind and water surround them.

Sometimes referred to as "chionophiles," these cold-adapted animals don’t just survive in brutally cold conditions — they thrive, showing that Mother Nature has a few clever tricks up her puffy-coat sleeves.


Posted by Angeli Gabriel

Pennsylvania Farm Show celebrates 106th year

FOX Weather multimedia journalist Katie Byrne visits the Pennsylvania Farm Show and sees why PA makes it a winter tradition.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Ice Castles in Midway, Utah, is a must-see attraction

Brent Christensen, Founder of Ice Castles, says it takes thousands of hours to create these masterpieces. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Hot chocolate: the 5,000-year history of winter's favorite beverage

It excites the senses like no other. A treat as much as a tonic, hot chocolate and its rich, velvety texture awakens the heart and soothes the soul.

However, this traditional cold-weather treat, often drank to warm and delight on a chilly winter’s night, actually has its roots where chilly winters are virtually nonexistent.

Hot chocolate’s journey from one of the warmest regions on the planet to your winter mug is a global saga — one involving Mayan ingenuity, culinary transformations and Swiss innovation.


Posted by Angeli Gabriel

Frigid air, dangerous wind chills returning to Northeast this weekend

High pressure ushers in cold air from Canada to the Northeast over the weekend. Dangerous wind chills will are expected. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

North Dakota, Minnesota will see temperatures below zero Friday morning

A bone-chilling forecast for the Northern Plains Friday morning. Grand Fork, North Dakota to have a low temperature of 14 degrees below zero while Fargo, North Dakota looks at a morning low of 11 degrees below zero.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Snow's impact on drought conditions

FOX Weather Meteorologist Heather Brinkmann talks about how snowfall is crucial for long-term drought mitigation. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Significant snow possible in Mid-Atlantic, Northeast from powerful winter storm

The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast could see significant snow from a powerful winter storm this weekend.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri could see up to 8 inches of snow

Winter storm to impact those living in upper Midwest. Impact zones include Interstate 94 and Interstate 29.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Winter storm watch issued for parts of the Carolinas

Asheville, Charlotte, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina now under a winter storm watch.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Up to 12 inches of snow possible across Midwest due to winter storm

Up to 12 inches of snow is possible across the Midwest due to an approaching winter storm.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Wintry mix, icing possible in VA, NC, SC as major winter storm approaches

A wintry mix and icing is possible in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina as a major winter storm approaches this weekend.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

How South Carolina is preparing for upcoming winter storm

Pete Poore on how the South Carolina Department of Transportation is pre-treating the interstates and major roads. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Follow this weekend's winter storm coverage on FOX Weather

America's Weather Team is gearing up for this weekend's winter weather storm. Make sure to download the app to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

TN fishing culture helping keep the waters warm during the winter

While many people put their boats in storage for the winter, a hearty group of fishermen from Middle Tennessee hit the waters regularly, even in freezing temperatures. Our Will Nunley goes out on the water with one of these award winning anglers, to learn more about this winter sport.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Breaking down the science behind snow forecasting

FOX Weather meteorologists Jason Frazer and Britta Merwin breakdown why it can be difficult and how small changes in the storm can make a big difference in snow totals. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Nearly half of the United States could be affected by major winter storm

We're entering the coldest time of the year for much of the central and eastern U.S., so this storm will have plenty of cold air with which to work as the jet stream plunges southward across these areas.

The winter storm will take about four days to follow a U-shaped path, tracking from North Dakota on Thursday night and Friday, down to northern Georgia on Saturday night and Sunday, then up to Maine by Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

VIDEO FORECAST: Dangerous cold is expected for Upper Midwest

Dangerous cold is expected for the Upper Midwest to end the workweek.

Posted by Andrew Wulfeck

Preparing your home for snow, extreme cold

Danny Watson, home expert with the Home Depot, on ‘winterizing’ your house. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

A closer look at de-icing at Chicago's O'Hare Airport

FOX Weather's Brandy Campbell takes us to the runway at Chicago's O'Hare Airport for a closer look at de-icing.

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

How to stay fit and healthy during the winter

Julie Carpenter, Athletic Trainer at Froedtert & MCW Sports Medicine Center, explains how we can stay healthy and fit during the winter. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Keys to protecting your pets during the winter months

Stephanie Liff, Medical Director at Pure Paws Vet Care of Clinton Hill, walks us through key tips to help protect our pets during the winter months. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

The dangers of shoveling snow

Dr. Neha Raukar explains the dangers we could possibly face while shoveling snow. 

Posted by Tavyen Matthews

Florida, eh? Why snowbirds in Canada love heading south

Every year, they make their journey, traveling thousands of miles from their cold, wintry homeland to a warm, summer-like paradise.

In North America, many of these "snowbirds" come from Canada, and they fly, drive or hitch a train ride to southern U.S. states — one of which being the Sunshine State of Florida.

Similar to their avian namesakes, snowbirds only stay in their balmy, winter escapes temporarily. But in that period of time, they can make a significant impact on the local culture and economy.


Posted by Angeli Gabriel

40 years ago a plane crashed into the Potomac, and that changed de-icing standards

On January 13, 1982, Air Florida Flight 90 took off with snow and ice on the airplane’s wings and crashed less than a mile from the end of the runway at what is now known as Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

That crash changed de-icing standards for airplanes.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Where to see manatees in Florida during the cooler months

Despite their blubbery appearance, manatees have little body fat and cannot survive prolonged exposure to cold water.

The sea cows swim freely in Florida's fresh waterways from April to late October.

In the winter months, they migrate into Florida's springs or canals.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Here's what it takes to get snow, ice off an airplane before takeoff

At the end of the day, the process of deicing an airplane is all about safety.

Crews are often told to take the process personally.

“De-ice it like your mother, or brother, or sister are on (the airplane). That’s how much importance this has.”

Posted by Steven Yablonski

How Americans prefer to warm up their homes in winter

According to the Department of Energy, heating homes uses more energy and costs more for the consumer, but proper maintenance and upgraded equipment can be beneficial.

Here are some of the different ways Americans heat their homes and which are the most popular options in the different regions of the country.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Florida has escaped winter's wrath so far

One of the few places in the United States that isn't seen its share of winter weather so far is the Sunshine State.

Posted by Andrew Wulfeck

Tips for staying safe during sub-zero wind chills

Arctic blast brings frigid temperatures, wind chills to New Hampshire. Patricia Tilley of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services on the dangers of extreme cold and how to stay safe. 

Posted by Heather Brinkmann

VIDEO FORECAST: Coldest air of season

Some of the coldest air of the season will impact the northern half of the country over the next week.

Posted by Andrew Wulfeck

Before ‘Frosty’: The origin story of the modern snowman

After the snow falls, they rise. Made of powder and joy, snowmen greet us with earnest smiles and rotund-yet-fragile forms.

Their fleeting nature seems to invite their creation, enticing young and old to brave the cold to build their own snowman before a degree’s difference melts their dreams away.

But what we see as an ambassador of winter fun is also an ambassador of our history — a friendly figure who serves as a reflection of who we are and where we’ve been.


Posted by Angeli Gabriel

National Guard helping Washington dig out from 3-4 feet of snow

The Washington National Guard is now in Leavenworth, helping community members dig out after record snowfall last week that left the town buried in three feet of snow in 24 hours.

Posted by Scott Sistek

New Hampshire under a wind chill warning due cold temperatures, strong winds

It's been bitterly cold in New England, and the cold temperatures combined with strong winds are making it feel even colder in New Hampshire.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

First public park in Austin gets a major renovation

Pease Park in Austin, Texas, is getting some upgrades for people to enjoy year-round.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Massive amounts of snow leads to closure of major PNW mountain passes

Some of the major mountain passes in the Pacific Northwest remain closed after several feet of snow fell.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Traveling this winter? Here’s why people are rethinking where to go

Travel experts say there’s still a high demand for travel, but people are starting to rethink where to go.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Bavarian-themed village in the Pacific Northwest buried in 3 feet of snow

Leavenworth is a popular tourist destination nestled along Highway 2 in the eastern foothills of the Cascade mountains.

The Alpine-style village is decked out in a Bavarian theme and is known for its Oktoberfest and Winter Lights celebrations.

The town is no stranger to snow, averaging about 85 inches a year. Still, the storm last Thursday brought a significant chunk of it in a week, with 24-hour storm totals reaching 3 feet.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

How cold can temperatures get during the coldest time of year?

The coldest time of the year is after the winter solstice for much of the United States, but you might be wondering how cold temperatures can get when they dip to their annual minimums in December, January and February.

Using 30-year averages from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information, we can look at the coldest average-low temperatures for select cities in each region of the country.

Posted by Brian Donegan

When is the coldest time of year?

The coldest time of the year varies across the United States, and for much of the nation, it's after the winter solstice.

Most areas from the Mississippi Valley to the East Coast, as well as the highest elevations of the Rockies and Intermountain West, typically see temperatures bottom out in mid- to late January.

Posted by Brian Donegan

How to weather the dangerous cold this winter

Fox Medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat on staying safe, warm when cold temperatures are around. 

Posted by Heather Brinkmann

How does snow vary from storm to storm?

Professor Jim Steenburgh of the University of Utah shares insight with FOX Weather. 

Posted by Heather Brinkmann

Surf's up! Check out these incredible wave heights in Hawaii

With wave heights topping out at 30 feet, lifeguards in Hawaii have been extremely busy.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Report: Space heaters are a leading cause of house fires in US

According to a report released in January 2021, fire departments across the country responded to an average of 48,530 fires at homes involving heating equipment between 2014 and 2018.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

How New York officials are helping victims of deadly Bronx apartment fire

State officials in New York are announcing aid efforts for victims and families of the deadly Bronx fire on January 9 that was sparked by a space heater.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

What do beaches look like during the winter months?

As we continue to explore Winter Across America on FOX Weather, we're taking a look at what beaches look like across the country during the winter months.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Ladders at the ready for ice rescues in New York City

New York City Parks says nearly 100 lakes and more than 150 miles of shoreline fall within their jurisdiction, some of which freeze over as early as December.

Because the ice is usually too thin to support a person’s weight, signs alerting visitors to the dangers of venturing onto the waterways are plastered throughout the parks,

But sometimes the warnings go unheeded.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

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