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WEATHER WIRE: Heavy snow, rain unleashed as powerful nor'easter races across Northeast

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A strong late-season nor'easter is bringing significant, heavy snow to portions of the interior Northeast through Tuesday. Waves of moderate to heavy rain are also impacting the region.


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More than 55,000 in Binghamton without power

NYSEG says it continues to prioritize public safety including downed live wires, trees and restoring power to critical facilities.

In the Binghamton area roughly 55,700 are without power, according to NYSEG.

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High winds knock tree down in Washington, DC neighborhood

High winds from a powerful nor'easter knocked a tree down in a Washington, DC neighborhood on Tuesday, April 19.

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Satellite timelapse shows path of nor'easter

NOAA posted this timelapse satellite loop showing the path of the powerful late-season nor'easter that has brought gusty wind, localized heavy rain and snow, coastal flooding and rough seas to parts of the eastern U.S. since Monday.

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‘Trees everywhere’: Nearly 200K New Yorkers without power

Nearly 200,000 people in New York are without power Tuesday after a nor’easter dumped heavy snow on a large part of the state.

Radar estimates show the heaviest snow fell in a swath from the Binghamton area in the south to near the Lake Placid area in the north. Some of the highest snowfall reports are centered near Binghamton, where as much as 15 inches of snow has been reported to the northeast of the city.

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Hartwick College closes due to power outages in Oneonta, New York

All classes at Hartwick College, located in Oneonta, New York, have been canceled Tuesday due to power outages.

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Here's how to protect your plants from frost, cold

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Binghamton, New York, breaks all-time April record for two-day snowfall

Binghamton, New York, broke its all-time April record for two-day snowfall with over 14 inches of snow. 

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Snowing continues to fall in Lake Desolation, New York

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Why late spring snow weighs heavier on tree branches causing limbs to break

Some New Yorkers reported the sounds of branches snapping under an April snow after a late-season Nor'easter knocked out power to thousands. 

Ice or snow can cause tree branches to fall under the added weight, but this late in the spring, additional factors increase those chances of breakages.

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Thundersnow illuminates New York night sky in electrifying video

A resident in upstate New York captured video of thundersnow early Tuesday morning as a powerful late-season nor’easter brought heavy, wet snow, rain and strong winds to parts of the Northeast and New England Monday night and Tuesday.

Whitesboro, New York, resident Allen Stalker shared the video with FOX Weather that shows several flashes of lightning about 2:40 a.m. that illuminated the sky.

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Watch: Transformer goes up in flames during powerful nor'easter

Check out this video of a transformer going up in flames during the powerful late-season nor’easter in Vestal, New York.

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Official: Power restoration will take days in Broome County, New York

A spokesperson for the Broome County Executive says power restoration will take at least a couple days, with at least half of the county’s residents without power. Their office is about to survey damage from the storm.

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'Snowing hard now': Winds gust at 40 mph in Castle Hill, Main

Meteorologist James Sinko shared this video with FOX Weather from Castle Hill, Main.

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Update: Amtrak train cancelled between Utica, Albany-Rensselaer

Alternate transportation will be provided Amtrak said.

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Amtrak train stopped in Utica, New York, due to downed trees along route

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18 inches of snow reported in Virgil, New York

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The latest: Late-season nor'easter bringing snow, rain to the Northeast

A strong late-season nor'easter is bringing significant impacts to parts of the interior Northeast, where up to a foot of snow has already piled up in many parts of the higher terrain.

While it's not uncommon for interior portions of the Northeast to receive snowfall in April, it is getting late in the season for such a widespread snowstorm that has dumped several inches of heavy, wet snow in the lower elevations.

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NWS: Thundersnow reported in northeast Ohio

Thundersnow is being reported near the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio.

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Why is it quieter after a snowstorm?

Have you ever noticed it gets quieter after a snowstorm?

Maybe it's the lack of people driving on the snow-covered roads or the calm as you watch the snowflakes peacefully fall, but the silence after a snowstorm isn’t something that you’re imagining. Science shows that it is indeed quieter after a snowstorm. Click here to read more.

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Watch: Plattsburgh, New York covered in snow by late-season nor’easter

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Thundersnow: What causes it?

Most people associate thunder and lightning with thunderstorms, but you shouldn't be surprised if you hear a rumble or two coming from the sky during heavy snowfall.

FOX Weather meteorologist Marissa Lautenbacher says while thundersnow is a rare phenomenon, it can happen. 

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Watch: Thundersnow reported in Whitesboro, New York

FOX Weather Watcher Allen Stalker shared this video of thundersnow as it lights up the sky Tuesday morning in Whitesboro, New York.

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Latest snow reports: Parts of New York, Pennsylvania have seen 12 inches

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Tree branch crashes through window of Binghamton home

FOX Weather Watcher Jennifer Keegin said no one was injured after a tree branch fell into a window in her home in Binghamton, New York, and the power is still out from the snowstorm.

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Wind damage reported in Hingham, Massasschuttes

FOX Weather Watcher Mike Antoine with Skywarn shares these photos of wind damage in Hingham, Massasschuttes.

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Daylight reveals damage left behind winter storm in Berkshire, New York

FOX Weather meteorologist and digital producer Brian Donegan said at least 6 inches of heavy, wet snow has fallen in Berkshire, New York.

"Tree branches are sagging and some have broken off. Power is out in most of the area and might not be back for a while," he said in a tweet.

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Mayor declares state of emergency in Binghamton, New York

Mayor Jared Kraham has declared a state of emergency in the city of Binghamton.

City Hall offices are closed, but essential personnel is still reporting.

Storm cleanup continues, including downed trees and power lines. Some 9,000 customers are without power, according to NYSEG.

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Heavy, wet snow covers Oneonta, New York

FOX Weather Watcher Wende Ebberts shared this video from Oneonta, New York.

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'Ugly day is ahead' for parts of Northeast, NWS says

The photos below look peaceful, but there have been reports coming in overnight of downed trees and power lines.

"And the power outages, suggest an ugly day is ahead for a large swath of our area," the National Weather Service in Binghamton, New York, said in a Facebook post.

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FAA: Nearly 2-hour delay at La Guardia Airport due to wind

As of 7 a.m. EDT, the FAA said departures to La Guardia Airport are delayed on average 109 minutes due to wind. Click here for the latest updates.

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Spring on hiatus in Northeast

A strong late-season Nor'easter is bringing significant, heavy snow to portions of the interior Northeast late through Tuesday.

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Huge flakes of heavy, wet snow falls in Owego, New York

The snow is really coming down in Owego, New York. FOX Weather Watcher @BBMadDog on Twitter posted this video.

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No in-person classes held at Binghamton University

Stay safe Bearcats! Binghamton University said there will be no in-person classes today. Click here for updates.

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6-8 inches of snow reported in Adirondacks

FOX Weather Watcher @ratto_rr on Twitter reports 6-8 inches of snow has fallen in the Adirondacks, as power is out across the region.

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Wet, heavy snow weighs down trees in Binghamton, New York

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Mounting power outages leave parts of Northeast in the dark

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School canceled for Binghamton City School District in New York

Due to the inclement weather, there is no school for today in the Binghamton City School District. Click here for updates.

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Travel ban in place in Broome County, New York

Broome County, New York, Executive Jason Garnar said a travel ban is in place in Broome County and all county buildings are closed for the day.

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As much as 10 inches of snow falls in Bradford County, Pennsylvania

FOX Weather Watcher Jason Ludwig reports as much as 10 inches of snow has fallen in Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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