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LIVE: Excessive rain, life-threatening flash flooding in California

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More than 8 inches of rain is possible in parts of California as a powerful storm moves into the area Sunday.


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Record rain in Santa Rosa, CA

The National Weather Service reported Santa Rosa, CA (North San Francisco Bay Area) received 5.37 inches of rain so far today. Santa Rosa's previous record from 2010 was only 2.04 inches for the day. On average, Santa Rosa sees 1.71 inches of rain for the entire month.

Downtown San Francisco reported a record 2.58 inches breaking the previous 1998 record of 0.91inches. Oakland broke their 1951 record of 0.39 inches with 2.02 inches of rain today.

Posted by Hillary Andrews
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Atmospheric River rains will push south overnight

Heavy rains fueled by the "Atmospheric River" will slowly push south Sunday night and Monday. Check out the active Flood Watches and Alerts below. The San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Valley and Sierras have seen rainfall rates of 1 inch per hour at times -- a lot of rain for an area that has barely seen measurable rain for the past seven months.

The flood threat (including flash flooding closing roads, 35 mph winds blowing trees into power poles, and landslides that block roadways) stretches to Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties overnight.

Monday the Central Coast to Los Angeles braces for up to 4 inches of rain in higher elevations and up to 1.5 inches in L.A. The Central Valley and mountains hit hard by 2020 and 2021 fires are prepping for flash flooding and landslides with up to 6 inches forecast for Yosemite.

Posted by Hillary Andrews

Rescue crews busy with high and swift water rescues

The California Highway Patrol has been busy with water rescues like this one in Santa Rosa, CA. Heavy rain flooded this stretch of roadway between vineyards. The driver escaped, the car did not.

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Flash Flood Warnings extended until 5:30 PM PDT

Parts of Napa and Sonoma are seeing rainfall rates of 0.25 to 0.5 inches in one hour. Unofficial rain totals are coming in up to 5 inches in the Bay Area.

Rain has flooded major roadways everywhere from San Leandro to San Rafael to Napa. Rain has softened earth around tree roots so there have been many reports of trees down across roads and power outages as trees fall on lines. Public Gas and Electric Company alone has reported tens of thousands of businesses and residents currently without power in the Bay Area alone.

Rain slicked streets are blamed for numerous accidents like the one blocking both eastbound lanes on the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.

Santa Rosa emergency crews are now on the scene of a high water rescue. Local sandbag station supplies are dwindling as the rain continues.

Posted by Hillary Andrews
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Extreme Flooding in Downtown San Rafael Corridor

The San Rafael Police Department reports that many roads in the Downtown San Rafael Corridor are under 2 feet of water and are closed and impassable.

San Rafael in the North San Francisco Bay Area is under a Flash Flood Warning until 6:15 PM PDT.

Posted by Hillary Andrews

Officials fear whole mountainside could give way in Plumas County

Aerial footage of Highway 70 in Plumas County. CA shows how heavy rain loosened rock and mud resulting in this huge slide blocking both directions of the highway. Caltrans says the tons of debris already on the road will take days to clear out but fear with additional heavy rains expected to continue until early Tuesday, the entire hillside could give way.

Rains falling on the Dixie Fire burn scar collect and quickly strip the land of soil and rocks with no vegetation to hold the earth in place.

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Flash Flood Warning for Sonoma and Napa extended to 3:30 PM PDT

The National Weather Service just extended their Flash Flood Warning for large portions of previously fire-ravaged areas of Sonoma and Napa Counties until 3:30 PM PDT. Radar indicates rainfall rates of 0.75 - 1 inch per area over the LNU Lightning Complex burn area. Calistoga, parts of St. Helena and west towards Kenwood, about 9,700 people are preparing for rock, mud, and tree slides as well as rapidly rising creeks.

Posted by Hillary Andrews

"Do not drive if you don't have to," pleads the California department of Transportation

As heavier rain and snow moves into the Sierras and the Foothills, the California Department of Transportation, Caltrans, asks drivers to stay off the roads. Areas in the Caldor Fire burn scar are expecting 0.6 to 1 inch of rain an hour which makes mudslides likely and traveling on freeways like Highway 50 treacherous.

Already, crews rescued drivers of overturned cars due to the slick roads. Snow levels are around 7,500 feet and falling to 5,500 to 6,500 feet Monday. Chain controls are in effect and Caltrans fears more road closures.

Forecasters estimate up to 7 inches of rain for South Lake Tahoe and other burned areas by Tuesday morning.

Posted by Hillary Andrews
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Santa Barbara residents evacuated from Alisal Fire burn scar

Evacuation orders are in place in Santa Barbara County for areas of the Alisal Fire burn scar. Half-inch rain per hour estimates have been driving debris flows. Up to 4 inches of rain are expected.

The Red Cross is manning an evacuation center.

Posted by Hillary Andrews

Landslide closes highway

A landslide has closed Highway 70 near Tobin.

The road will likely be closed for quite some time while crews work to remove debris.

Avoid the area.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Here's what all those colors mean in our 3D radar

Here's what all those colors mean if you're tracking the heavy rainfall across California today:

"What were looking at is where the radar is picking up rain across northern California," FOX Weather Meteorologist Greg Diamond said. "Light green is where light rain is falling. Dark green shows moderate rain, yellow and orange show heavy rain."

But what's about that green box?

"The green lines are where the National Weather Service has issued Flash Flood Warnings," Diamond said. "You can touch those warnings on the app to pull up the full warning text."

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Homes flooded in Santa Rosa

The Santa Rosa Fire Department says homes are flooding in the Tacheva Drive and Neotomas Avenue area.

Drivers are urged to avoid the area and never drive through flooded roadways.

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Track heavy rain with 3D radar

Heavy rain with continue in California, and you can track the storms with our 3D radar.

Head to to download the free FOX Weather app

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Trees down, roads closed across Chico

Power outages have been reported after numerous trees brought down power lines in Chico, California.

Several roads are also reported to be closed.

People are urged to stay away from downed power lines. 

Posted by Steven Yablonski

More than 62K outages reported across CA

Reports of power outages are continuing to climb in California.

So far, more than 62,000 outages have been reported.

Most outages are in Sonoma County where nearly 20K have been reported.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Why burn scars and debris flows are so dangerous

Water can’t be absorbed in burn scars and runoff can occur quickly.

Debris can be picked up by the water with little time to take action.

Have a plan in place.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

WATCH: Heavy rain moves into West Sacramento

A twitter user captured video of heavy rain moving into West Sacramento early Sunday morning.

Life-threatening flash flooding is possible across the area.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Flash Flood/Debris Flow Warning for Caldor Fire

Debris flows are expected in the Caldor Fire area.

Heavy rain will continue.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Trapped residents told to seek shelter on highest floor of homes

Debris flows are occurring in California and several roads are closed.

It may be too late to evacuate, so trapped residents are urged to get to the highest floor of their homes.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Free sandbags being handed out in Folsom

Free sandbags are being handed out to residents because of the high risk for flooding.

Sandbags are available next to City Hall and behind Fire Station 36.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Crews prepositioned ahead of powerful storm

Resources and personnel have been prepositioned across California in preparation for excessive rain and flash flooding.

Fire engines, bulldozers, water rescue teams and helicopters are spread out and can respond to emergencies if necessary.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Flash flood watches stretch across northern, central California

Flash flood watches are in effect in California from the Oregon border to south of the San Francisco area.

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'Extreme risk' of flash flooding in California

There's an extreme risk of flash flooding in parts of California.

The greatest risk of life-threatening flash flooding exists in the upslope region of the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

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Evacuation warning issued for parts of San Mateo County

An evacuation warning has been issued for areas of San Mateo County.

That warning will be upgraded to an evacuation order starting at 8 a.m. local time.

Heavy rain, wind will increase throughout the day.

Posted by Steven Yablonski

Parts of Santa Cruz County under debris flow evacuation order

Burn scar areas in Santa Cruz County are under a debris flow evacuation order.

The order goes into effect at 8 a.m. local time

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Residents in burn scar areas asked to have plan in place

People living in burn scar areas are asked to have an evacuation plan in place.

Heavy rain will cause ash and debris flows across northern California.

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Flash flood, debris flow warning issued for Dixie Fire

A flash flood, debris flow warning has been issued for the Dixie Fire area.

Heavy rain is moving into the area and will cause debris flows.

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