Why did the sea lion cross the road?

SeaWorld’s veterinarians are accessing the animal’s condition but say he appears to be healthy.

SAN DIEGO – Some unsuspecting drivers got a surprise on Friday as a large sea lion roamed the travel lanes of the 94 freeway, far away from his usual habitat.

The sighting was reported to the California Highway Patrol but by the time troopers arrived, good Samaritans were already in action mode preventing the more than 200-pound animal from being hit by traffic.

A rescue team from SeaWorld San Diego was also called to what a spokesperson described as an ‘odd’ situation.

SeaWorld staff successfully captured the sea lion and transported him to their nearby rescue center.

A spokesperson said the sea lion is eating and exhibiting normal behavior.

Despite more than 250,000 sea lions calling the West Coast home, this particular animal keeps popping up in some unique locations.

A SeaWorld spokesperson said in November a rescue team spotted the sea lion hanging out near the San Diego Airport. 

And similarly to the most recent incident, SeaWorld members transported him to their rescue center, where he was examined and eventually released into the wild.


And back in December, the same creature was spotted along the boardwalk in Mission Beach and on the nearby navy base.

SeaWorld veterinarians continue to conduct tests during the mammal’s stay, and it’s unknown when he will be released back into the wild.

The forecast looks sunny for the sea lion’s stay at SeaWorld San Diego’s Rescue Center.

Much of Southern California has seen temperatures below average, but meteorologists expect highs to moderate and reach back to normal levels, with afternoon highs reaching the mid-60s.