America's Top Beaches Winners Revealed

From coastal California to the crystal-clear waters of Florida, our nation boasts diverse shorelines waiting to be explored.

Thank you to all that voted for America's Top Beaches! The results are in. We have compiled all the votes for America's Top Beaches, and it's time to reveal the winners.

Most Family Friendly

Watch the full beach submissions below: 

1. Ocean City, NJ (FOX29 Meteorologist Kathy Orr) (WINNER)

2. Crab Island (FOX Weather Meteorologist Nick Kosir)

3. New Smyrna Beach (FOX35 Meteorologist Allison Gargaro)

4. Bradford Beach (FOX6 Meteorologist Tom Wachs)

5. Ozarks (FOX Weather Meteorologist Stephen Morgan)

Most Scenic

Watch the full beach submissions below:

1. Alki Beach (FOX13 Meteorologist Abby Acone)

2. Port Austin Beach (FOX2 Meteorologist Derek Kevra)

3. Waikiki Beach (FOX Weather Meteorologist Kiyana Lewis) (WINNER)

4. Nevada Beach (FOX Weather Meteorologist Steve Bender)

5. Provincetown, MA Beach (FOX Weather Meteorologist Marissa Torres)

Hidden Gem

Watch the full beach submissions below:

1. Twin Cities, MN Beaches (FOX9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard)

2. Davis Island Dog Beach (FOX13 Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto)

3. CUW Beach (FOX6 Chief Meteorologist Rob Haswell)

4. Kirby Cove (FOX2 Meteorologist Mark Tamayo)

5. Michigan Beaches (FOX Weather Meteorologist Michael Estime) (WINNER)

Most Recreational

Watch the full beach submissions below:

1. Galveston Beach (FOX26 Meteorologist John Dawson) (WINNER)

2. Chain O' Lakes (FOX32 Meteorologist Tim McGill)

3. Spofford Lake (FOX Weather Meteorologist Kelly Costa)

4. Wildwood Beach (FOX29 Meteorologist Sue Serio)

5. Coronado Beach (FOX Weather Meteorologist Craig Herrera)

Most Surfable

Watch the full beach submissions below:

1. Melbourne Beach Shores (FOX35 Chief Meteorologist Jayme King)

2. Pass-a-Grille Beach (FOX Weather Meteorologist Ian Oliver)

3. New Smyrna Beach (FOX35 Meteorologist Brooks Garner)

4. Minnesota Beaches (FOX9 Meteorologist Keith Marler)

5. Rockaway Beach (FOX Weather Meteorologist Amy Freeze) (WINNER)