FOX Weather Kickoff: Picking Week 3 FOX NFL games based on weather forecasts

SportsWeather doesn’t compile data for games that are played in domes and all data is from the last 14 seasons. 

Heading into Week 3 of the NFL season, hopefully, your favorite team is off to a great start. 

On Fridays throughout the season, we'll be picking FOX NFL games solely based on how they have historically performed in certain weather conditions, thanks to SportsWeather

SportsWeather has its own metrics system that compiles historical game-time weather data and meshes it against both NFL teams and player historical performance.

SportsWeather doesn’t compile data for games that are played in domes and all data is from the last 14 seasons. 

GAME 1: Washington Football Team at Buffalo Bills - 1 p.m. EST, FOX

Buffalo will have a fall feel on Sunday as it's forecast to feel like 62 degrees with winds at 14 mph. In those conditions, historically, Washington is 42-47-1 and 30-29, while Buffalo is 37-46 and 40-42, respectively. There's also a 20 percent chance of precipitation, where Washington is five games under .500 at 3-8 and Buffalo holds an 8-8 record at that percentage of precipitation. 

PICK: has the Bills winning with a sizeable edge.   

GAME 2: Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns - 1 p.m. EST, FOX 

It'll be a nice Sunday to watch football in Cleveland as it will be 66 degrees at kickoff. At that temperature, Chicago is 34-37 and Cleveland is 27-68-1. Winds will be at 14 mph, where Chicago holds a record of 35-33 and Cleveland is 23-54-1. There's a 0% chance of precipitation in this game. When that's the case Chicago is 73-83 in games while Cleveland is 54-115. 

PICK: has the Browns coming out on top.  

GAME 3: New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots - 1 p.m. EST, FOX 

As we head into October next week, New England is still receiving favorable temperatures. On Sunday, it's forecast to feel like 73 degrees with a 0% chance of precipitation. When it's forecast to feel like 73 degrees, New England is 74-24 and New Orleans is 35-25. And when there's a 0% chance of precipitation, New England is 138-51 and New Orleans is 59-37. There will be a slight breeze as winds are expected to be at 9 mph. Historically, in those conditions, New England is 110-40 and New Orleans is 55-34. 

PICK: gives the edge to the Patriots. 

GAME 4: Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants - 1 p.m. EST, FOX 

Another game in the Northeast where it's going to feel nice for a late September NFL game. It will be 71 degrees in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday. The Giants hold a record of 38-47 at that temperature, while the Falcons are 35-32. The wind is forecast to be at 8 mph with a 0% chance of precipitation. With the wind at 8 mph, the Giants are 55-75 and the Falcons are 37-42. In games where this is a 0% chance of precipitation, the Giants stand at 75-86 and the Falcons at 48-54. 

PICK: gives the slight edge to the dome team, Atlanta Falcons. 

GAME 5: Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars - 1 p.m. EST, FOX

Not surprising that in Jacksonville, the temperature will be close to 90 degrees on Sunday. It's forecast to be at 84. Arizona is 6-6 and Jacksonville is 10-21 in games where the temperature was 84 degrees. There won't be any of those Florida downpours either as it's a 0% chance of precipitation on Sunday. Arizona holds a record of 38-58-1 and Jacksonville is 48-114 in games where there is no precipitation. Winds will be at 6 mph. In such games, Arizona sits at 29-51 while Jacksonville is 36-85. 

PICK: has the away team, the Cardinals, walking away with a win. 

Week 1 was the last time we did this and the SportsWeather Owned Metrics went 2-0, just saying. Enjoy all the Week 3 NFL games.