Even the clouds in Florida look like alligators

This reptile did not require removal by Florida wildlife authorities

A cloud shaped like an alligator? That's strange. In Florida? Well, that's just on-brand for the Sunshine State.

A Collier County, Florida woman captured the picture above showing what looked like a giant reptile in the sky, but for this fictitious gator, the Florida wildlife authorities did not need to be called.

Brenda Perino wrote on Facebook she photographed the strange cloud while in Immokalee, Florida. Southwest Florida is known for its beautiful sunsets. It looks like the cloud alligator was floating through some orange hues of a setting sun.

Clouds are made up of water droplets or ice crystals and are an essential part of Earth's weather.

There are different types of clouds defined by their shape and where they appear in the sky. 

According to FOX Weather Meteorologist Geoff Bansen, this shape was created by a cumulus or a deck of stratocumulus clouds. 

According to the National Weather Service, stratocumulus clouds are low-level clouds below 6,500 feet and usually include layers of different clouds. 

Even though this fluffy alligator looked like an unusual sighting, it was just a coincidence of timing and cloud movement.

The formation is fitting for Florida. The alligator is the state reptile.