Watch: Wind turbine burns in Iowa after being destroyed by tornado

Nearly two dozen tornadoes were seen in western and central parts of the Hawkeye State, including by FOX Weather storm chasers. Video shows smoke billowing from a wind turbine after a twister in Prescott caused the structure to snap in half.

Multiple tornadoes caused extensive damage in Iowa on Tuesday during severe weather that storm trackers across the region captured live on video. 

Reports of tornadoes and damage started coming in Tuesday afternoon while a "Particularly Dangerous Situation" Tornado Watch was underway for parts of the Midwest.

Nearly two dozen tornadoes ripped through western and central parts of the Hawkeye State. 


Storm chaser Brandon Copic's cameras started recording a massive tornado that developed in western Iowa. 

"It's definitely a multi-vortex tornado in progress," Copic told FOX Weather Meteorologist Ian Oliver. 

Meanwhile, Vince Waelti captured another video of a twister touching down on the ground in Corning, Iowa. 

The images below were recorded by a weather watcher about 2 miles north of Corning as the tornado touched down. 

Some of the most catastrophic tornado damage happened in Greenfield. The NWS in Des Moines said the Greenfield tornado was at least an EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. However, storm surveys are ongoing.

The close-up video below shows the strong tornado moving toward Greenfield.

Drone video revealed much of the town was destroyed. At least two deaths and several injuries were reported there.

Copic was among the first on the scene after the tornado hit. He said search and rescue efforts were underway Tuesday because people were trapped in their homes. 

"Most of this town is gone. There's no other way to put it," Copic said.

Firefighters searched the area on Tuesday evening as residents began emerging from their tornado shelters to see the destruction caused by the powerful tornado, including destroyed homes and flipped cars. But Iowa State Patrol officials said they believe everyone is accounted for.

As of Tuesday night, Greenfield was closed to everyone besides residents and those who live there were required to show identification to get past checkpoints. 

In southwest Iowa, a tornado outside of Prescott ripped down a wind turbine, causing a fire. 

The video at the top of this story shows dark smoke billowing from the broken wind turbine after the twister moved through the area. 

FOX Weather producers on the ground near Carl, Iowa, documented the turbine still burning and nearby silo that was damaged in the storm.

National Weather Service Des Moines storm survey teams continue to assess the damage in Iowa to determine the strength of the tornadoes on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.