Massive landslides kill four in Ecuador

Heavy rains Sunday triggered several landslides through the area.

AZUAY PROVINCE, Ecuador -- Cuenca, Ecuador continues to dig out after deadly landslides Sunday. Four people died when the mountainside gave way in several places.  Officials continue to search through debris for more victims.

A government agency posted pictures of pet rescues, salvage operations and destruction seen on Monday.

Volunteer Fire Department of Cuenca said more than 300 people were evacuated from the flood zone on Sunday, followed by 136 people on Monday. So far only 11 injuries were reported. The mayor declared a state of emergency Monday morning for the area in south central Ecuador.

Hundreds gathered to search for survivors and deliver food, water and medicine to stranded residents.

Take a look at the video that the Mayor of Cuenca posted shortly after the slide. Villagers were frantically searching for survivors. They laid planks over the mud where their neighbors’ homes used to be to gain access.

Mudslides damaged 36 homes and destroyed at least 10, according to local media. Major highways remain covered in earth keeping recovery efforts minimal.  Villages remain trapped between slides.

The area hosts tourists visiting the Cajas National Park. Locals fear that blocked roads will damage the tourist economy. The Minister of Transportation estimates that road repairs and stabilization will take two weeks.

FOX Weather keeps rain in Cuenca’s forecast through the weekend.