Sun shrouded by haboob across the Plains

Stunned residents watched a massive wall of dust move overhead and drop visibility to near zero.

An immense wall of dust known as haboob swallowed neighborhoods across South Dakota and Nebraska on Thursday making the sky look it was the middle of the night.

Amazed residents in Sioux Falls, South Dakota watched the monster cloud of dust, towering thousands of feet in the sky, move overhead. Outflow from an extensive line of severe thunderstorms, approaching from the west, picked up dust along the Plains.


The miles long stretch of 60-100 mph winds from the thunderstorms picked up soil, dust and dirt.

One driver posted video of her usual commute looking very eerie. "Headed west on 41st Street, into hell," she tweeted.

The NWS office in Sioux Falls took time-lapse video. Within an hour, the dust cloud approached and turned day to night. Visibility dropped to near zero.

The view from Crooks, South Dakota was just as intimidating. Listen to the wind scream past the photographer. 

Heavy rain from the line of thunderstorms washed the dust off cars and buildings behind the literal sandblast. 

Decatur and Rawlins Counties in Kansas also saw a haboob. The NWS issued a Dust Storm Warning for the area warning drivers and residents of a wall of dust that stretched over 46 miles and traveled at 40 mph.