Watch: Louisiana fishermen surrounded by shark feeding frenzy

A fisherman wanted tuna but found himself surrounded by crazed sharks going after smaller fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

What started as a quiet day of bluefin tuna fishing erupted into an all-out battle as a group found themselves in the middle of a shark feeding frenzy.

Dillon May thought he got lucky when he happened upon roiling water about 15 miles off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. He assumed the commotion was a "tuna boil," which is a group of tuna in a feeding frenzy.

The group steered the fishing boat toward the turbulent water.

"Then we saw it was sharks on a bait pod, never seen anything like it," May told Storyful. 

The bait pod was a large school of menhaden fish. 

"Possibly the most important fish that swims in the ocean," says, because they are a favorite snack for predatory game fish.  "Stripers can't resist the oily scent."

As May found out, neither can sharks.

"By the time we got there, the sharks had found the pod and pushed them up against the boat to feast on them," May said.

Listen to the video as the sharks continuously bump the boat. He pans around, and the crazed animals are jumping, lunging, leaping and circling, and the chaos turned the water surface white with so much activity.

"I'm soaking wet," May said while getting splashed by the energetic fish launching into the air and hitting the boat.

There is no word about the humans catching any fish that day, just the sharks.