Hunter's Moon steals show from Orionids Meteor Shower

Hunter's Moon made it difficult to see meteors

Stargazers hoping to see a meteor or two during Orionids Meteor Shower peak this week might have had a hard time seeing anything with the moon's blinding brightness.

The second full moon of October known as the Hunter's Moon put on a stellar show Wednesday night.

The glowing moon took precedent over the Orionids because looking for meteors requires a dark sky.

Melbourne, Florida photographer Michael Seeley captured the shot below of an American Airlines flight at 38,000 feet. If the view from the ground was this good, the passengers on the plane must have been in for a wondrous look at the moon. 

The New York City skyscraper provided a beautiful contrast to the moon Wednesday.

The yellow-tinted moon was recorded in a timelapse rising over the city lights.